Mobi-fridge specializes in the manufacturing of various mobile fridges, VIP toilets and mortuary trailers, which will provide dedicated solutions to all your refrigeration and sanitary needs. We are passionate about our products and pride ourselves in being market leaders in our field, while offering our clients fast and friendly service.

Our mobile fridge trailers are fully self-contained, walk-in refrigeration units that can be hitched and towed by a regular motor vehicle or LDV. It can carry up to 1.5 ton of product and keep it at the required temperature of up to zero degrees celsius. The standard mobile cold room runs on a 1 HP compressor, which can be plugged into a normal 15 Amp plug. Specialist manufacturers of mobile fridge/freezer trailers which provide dedicated solutions to your needs for refrigeration. We offers a multiple range of mobile fridges starting from R40 000 onwards.

Agri Flush Double Axle Toilet


Our Mobi-Fridge cold rooms and freezers are designed to cool your products fast and keep them cool or frozen until ready for use, even at high ambient temperatures. Our products are specially designed and manufactured to meet our client’s needs. All Mobi-Fridges are trailer mounted and operate on a standard 220 volt 10 amp power point / outlet or could be run via an appropriate sized generator. All trailers are manufactured with isolated panels and modern design. Each built with precision and passion, with a strong customer focus, to ensure top of the range products


We manufacture a wide range of mobile mortuaries and mortuary cabinets depending on your needs.

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Our Mobi-Fridge coolrooms and freezers are designed to cool your products fast and keep them cool or frozen until ready for use even at high ambient temperatures.

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Our improved system offers the exceptional operation of a smooth running toilet system. Our mobile toilets are user friendly and easy to maintain.

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